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Trendsetter Collection

Find what you need for your bathroom today. There's nothing like a soft, quality towel when stepping out of the shower. ​
Once you try 100% cotton, you will never go back to a short cotton towel. Find fragrances and body lotions too! Beautiful bathroom accessory sets including patterns exclusive to Hotel Collection.
Bath Kit, Dental Kit etc..
With Customized Print & Logo
Pool or Beach Towels
100% Combed Cotton,
30"x60", 32"x64", 650 Grams
Terry Bath Rob
100% Egyptian Cotton
1,100 Grams, 52 inches
Bath Towels
​100% cotton, Available in 7 Sizes
350 Grams to 750 Grams
Hand Towels
100% Cotton
18"x28", 180 Grams
Waffle Bath Rob
100% Egyptian Cotton
750 Grams, 52 inches
Face Towels
100% Cotton,
12"x12" (50g) 13"x13" (60g)
Embroidery Service
Names, Logos, Slogan etc.
any color, any size
Bath Mat
100% Combed Cotton
20"x30" & 32"x64" (650 Grams)
Bath Slippers
Diffrent Size & Style
With Embroidered Logo
Major Towels (New SRP):

Bath Towel, 30"x58"
Hand Towel, 16"x28"
Face Towel, 12"x12"
Major Towels (Old SRP):
Bath Towel, 30"x58"
Hand Towel, 16"x28"
Face Towel, 12"x12"
Prima Towels:

Bath Towel, 30"x56"
Hand Towel, 16"x28"
Face Towel, 12"x12"
Bath Towel 2 Pieces (MixnMatch)
6N1 Towel Set
Class A Towels:
Class ABath Towel,
Class A Hand Towel,
Class A Face Towel,

White Towels:

Bath Towel
Hand Towel
Face Towel
Bath Towel 2'S
Cake Towel
Canon/Assorted Bath Towels
4'S Face Towel
Face Towel with Hanky
Finger Tip Towel

White Towels:

MG Bath Towel
MG Hand Towel
Sale Face towel
Sale Bath Towel
3+1 Towel Set
3 Piece Kitchen Set
4 Piece Kitchen Set
Deluxe Towel Set

Wrap City Towels (New SRP):

Bath Towel, 27"x54"
Hand Towel, 16"x28"
Face Towel,  13"X13"

For Linen and Towels inquiries pls. text 09178010786 or call (632) 225-7775